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Our Mission

The primary mission of the Anchorage Coalition of Community Patrols (ACCP) is to reduce crime, improve the quality of life through the development of community awareness, and to form a partnership between the community and the Anchorage Police Department.

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Community Kudos

2019 Polar Plunge
Emily Tymick, Director of Sports Development and Competition

All of our staff agreed that the 2018 Polar Plunge was the best year for parking yet. It was so great working with you all and everyone (ACCP, Search Team, Police Citizen’s Academy Alumni) worked together very well to pull the event off. Kevin Eldridge with ACCP was an amazing help and kept in close communication leading up to the event, keeping me informed of who would be there to help out day of. It also helped that he was a member of the Search Team and the Citizen’s Academy Alumni, so he was able to stay in close communication and coordinate with those groups as well. Also, I believe it was Dave who put together the map of strategic points with who was assigned to each. This was a very helpful tool to have. I understand this was done in year’s past as well, but I’m not sure SO-Staff ever got a copy before.

In the past we’ve had law enforcement work as the POC between us and the groups overseeing the parking lot and traffic. This was the first year our staff served as the direct POC for the groups. By having one of our staff work directly with you all it helped us make sure we had a solid plan for the schedule for the day and the number of personnel we would have working the event. I hope ACCP felt the communication leading up to and during the event was a little better this year, too.

I assume our systems and communication will continue to get stronger as we move forward. We are very grateful to have the support of ACCP we look forward to working with you in the future.

Jeep Ditch Diving
Karen Decker-Brown, Anchorage, AK

I want to thank the two gentlemen that helped my son get my Jeep out of the ditch. I ended up there, intersection of Shore and Woo on Monday, January 7th. My goal was to arrive at my dentisr’s office for an appt. but my Jeep had other ideas. Bad Jeep! I guess it did not like the idea of me driving on slippery roads, while reaching for my phone to answer a call from my dentists office, and being inattentive to road conditions. So, it decided to teach me a lesson and instead of turning left it went straight for low ground and buried its front end in the snow. Two gallant men wearing their colors (Community Patrol on the neon yellow-green vests) came to our rescue to give my Bleep Jeep the last back and forth motion and leverage to finally force it back on the road. No small effort on the part of my son, Chalon, so a big thanks to him as well.

Anyway, everybody likes to complain but less in number are the thank you’s and recognition of good deeds, so thank you to those kind gentlemen. We were glad you came upon us in your rounds.

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